Augustinian Cannon Resin Replica Figure


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Magnificent Resin Replica of an Augustinian Cannon. Thought to have been carved in the 15 century , the original now is kept behind glass at Carlisle Cathedral. It had been lost for several centuries and has only recently been discovered during renovation work. The carving is in a little of a bad state of repair but still with many of the fine details surviving. The main damage is that one hand is missing from the wrist and the other arm is missing from the elbow, apart from this damage the carving is in very good condition. 
Comes with mounting ring so that can be wall mounted and has a product label.

Size (H) 51cm x (w) 17cm.

These replicas are made by making a mold from the original carvings and then make a cast from resin. These are extremely close to the original and show all the cracks and wood grain.
All the replicas are hand painted and finished.