Bee and Bug Biome:


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Bee and Bug Biome:

Encourage a host of useful insects into you garden with the award winning Bee and Bub Biome.
Possible occupants include solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects such as lacewings. 
These insect pollinate the flowers or predate on some of the garden pests such as aphids. 
This makes the Bee and Bug biome a very useful addition to your Garden.

The biome comes in a colourful gift carton complete with with a FREE pack of British wildflower 
seeds especially selected to attract gentle pollinating bees plus a FREE bee species guide. 
This complete nature of the house and the nectar/ food plants is why this kit is called a biome 
encouraging you to create a complete habitat for your beneficial insects.

The Bee and Bug Biome was the Winner of European Consumers Choice Award in 2014 (Top Scoring with 9.1)

Dimensions: H 24cm W 17cm L 10.5cm
Weight: 1.0kg