Knights Templar Replica Seal Paperweight:


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Replica of the Great Seal of the TEMPLARS.

Created by the History Bonkers Artefact Team.
The great seal depicts two poor knights of Christ sharing a horse.
If you do not know, the Templars were a cross between monk and knight.
Sometimes depicted as an elite force of fighting men based across Europe and charged by the pope to rid the Holy Lands of

all the Infidels. This was between 1119  and 1312. A lot of myth now shrouds the facts regarding the Templars and their activities.
Two versions were created by the History bonkers team. One as a master metal finish and one as a replica wax seal.
The sources for the work were all surviving period originals.
Quality is exceptional, manufactured from solid cast resin and hand-finished to give it a metallic finish.
The reverse of the seal has been finished with a soft non-sctrach backing.The seal is larger than the original. It is around 12.5 cm in diameter and weighs around 400gms.
It comes packed in an artifact gift box.

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