Large St George and The Dragon


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Superb Highly detailed figure of St George the patron saint of England slaying the dragon.
Its molded from a quality resin and powdered stone mix  and then the figure has a bronze over wash.
Its finished by artisans who hand paint all the fine detail.
St George is depicted with a determined face sitting on his horse whilst his spear pierces the dragon.
St Georges armour is clearly depicted as is the dragons scales.
The collectable  figure is stunning and is described as museum replica quality.
Its Dimensions are  26.5 x 19 x 26.5 cm,  and it weighs 2.75 kg

St Georges red cross is still one of the main components of the Union Flag of Great Britain.
St Georges day is celebrated in England on the 23 April.
Many other countries around the world also celebrate St George.

No dragons were injured or hurt during the manufacturing of this product.