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Constructed from 18 gauge steel with a leather liner and adjustable chin strap.

The Norman helmet is based on helmets used by the Scandinavian countries prior to the 1066 invasion.
The front bar extends over the nose and this gives rise to the term “Norman Nasal Helmet”
Wearing the helmet often made the wearer unrecognizable, which may be why William the Bastard is shown lifting his helmet to reveal himself on the Bayeux tapestry ( which was made in England btw).

The norman helmet has a steel ring kneck cover or aventail.
This helmet is primarily made for display and lite use. It’s not recommended for full-body contact combat.
This listing is just for the Helmet. Stands are available separately.
The helmet weighs around 2kg, is around 21cm wide 29 cm tall.
It fits all normal size “noggins” and the leather liner is adjustable to allow a certain amount of raising and lowering of the helmet.
If further adjustment is needed slip on a beanie style hat and then the helmet.
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