“The Bee Barn” Nesting for solitary bees.


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Create a “des res” for Mrs Bee.
The “Bee Barn” provides a safe home for all types of friendly solitary bees in your garden. Produced from sustainably managed, FSC-certified wood, with a recycled second-life plastic frontage, this Bee Barn comes in an attractive gift box and is easy to put up and care for. It’s been designed to attract not only solitary bees but also many other species of pollinators and insects to take shelter and create their homes in the various sections.

The lower section has a recycled swing door with an access hole. This area is for other insects to nest in.
All you need to do is leave some material in it to mimic an old bird’s nest. 

For best success please hang your Bee Barn on a south or southeast facing wall, to receive the morning sun.

It’s around 11×17.5x21cm in size and weighs around 0.61Kg

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