The Seal of Oliver Cromwell, The genocidal nutter.


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Replica of Oliver Cromwells Seal: 

Oliver Cromwell was one the most controversial figures in British history.
Hated by many and yet there is a statue dedicated to him in Westminster.
The fact his body was exhumed and then beheaded perhaps does acknowledge his genocidal tendencies.

Cromwell’s seal is larger than most of the royal seals and is far more ornate.

During the Victorian era a now forgotten collector gathered together a large number of plaster casts taken directly from seals on documents stored in churches libraries and other document repositories. They lay virtually hidden and unused for around 150 years. All of the seals in our collection are hand made from red resin, from the collected, forgotten and re-found collection. Many of the originals may have been lost or destroyed.
Seal Size: 14 cm

Our replica seals are molded from quality red resin. They are of the highest standard possible. They have a felted back and a small hook enabling wall mounting.