The Seal of Edward The Confessor


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Replica of Edward the Confessors’s Seal: £14.99

Edward the Confessor was noted for his piety and was  known as Saint Edward the Confessor, He was the last king of Wessex and was followed by Harold Godwinson. He ruled from 1042 to 1066.
Great seals were placed upon all major documents are were proof of the persons approval.

During the Victorian era an unknown collector gathered together a large number of plaster casts taken directly from documents stored in churches libraries and other document repositories. They lay virtually hidden and unused for around 150 years. All of the seals in our collection are hand made from resin, from these collected, forgotten and re-found collection. Many of the originals may have been lost or destroyed.

Seal Size: 7.2cm
Our replica seals are molded from quality red resin. They are of the highest standard possible. They have a felted back and a small hook enabling wall mounting.