Wicca Oracle/Message Cards:


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Wicca Oracle Cards. 

Get help and guidance in life with this set of Wicca cards.
The cards are inspired by the Wicca universe.

Divination cards such as Tarot or Oracle date back to 14 Century Europe and are believed to have come from Mamluk Egypt.  
They have been popular ever since. It may be that their original incarnation was that of playing cards and used for gambling.
In the late 18th century, tarot cards began to be used for divination and cartomancy.
Special decks were designed to display occult symbolism from various traditions.
Tarot decks were widely condemned by the church, but it was because of their use in gambling.
Divination doesn’t seem to have been a concern.
For-telling the future and the gift of second sight dates back to probably the beginning of time.
In Celtic society, the figure of the Seer was commonplace and was revered.
In today’s society, there are a multitude of variations of cards to choose from.
Traditionally you must be given the cards or give a person a set.  So choose wisely and give to a friend, or send a friend a link to the ones you want.

The Wicca Cards gift box contains 32, 12.5×8.5cm silver-edged illustrated cards plus afull instructions/interpretation book

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