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Consecration Crosses In Suffolk

Consecration Crosses In suffolk.

Consecration Crosses on Suffolk Church Interiors.

Consecration crosses are painted crosses on the inside and outside churches. They widely appear in the C12  and marks the spot where the consecrating Bishop anointed the church with “Chrism” (An Oil and balsam mix). Twelve crosses inside and 12 outside.

Typical they were high up and had a candle placed in front. After the consecration, the church was then A Holy place.
The crosses vary in style the commonest style I have found is the Rounded or “Bolnisi” style cross. As the original crosses may have required a large compass to create it is postulated they were created by Masons, who would have such a tool.

The Bolnisi style cross was one of the variations of the cross used by the Knights Templar.
The main cross above is from the church in Saxstead, top right is in Kenton and bottom right is in the church at Mickfield. All of these churches are in Suffolk.
It is very humbling to stand in front of 800-year-old graphics!

The Saxstead Cross is available as a candle. In the A12 Shop: 
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