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Brief Notes On The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar, originally formed around the year 1118, were an organization made up of devout Christians. Originally serving as bodyguards to European travelers visiting sites in the Holy Land, they eventually rose to become a military army led by the pope, sacking, and fighting long crusades in the Holy Land. By 1303 however, the Knights Templars had lost and the land they held within the middle east and retreated to Paris. There, King Philip IV of France resolved to bring down the order, tying the knights to stakes and burning them alive

Many mysteries and modern conspiracies are attached to the templars, such as “the location of the Holy Grail” or where the Templars treasury vanished to.

There’s a huge amount of Information about the Templars online, and I’ve added a few links to the better sources below.
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Thanks to Harry Hill for providing the “Templar History Snippet”