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About A12NORTH:

A12 Blog About is predominately a mail order company based on the East Coast of the UK. It’s a life style themed store with History and Rural living at its heart. When choosing new items for the store they have to fit into the “One boot in the past, one boot in the mud” motto (qui in praeteritis tabernus tabernus in luto unus)
We are as environmentally friendly as we possibly can be with recycled and reclaimed packaging where possible and using local Post offices to reduce “Courier miles”
2020 is going to be a serious year for us and we hope to bring several new products to the store, some of which will be totally unique to A12.

If your reading this in January 2020, Happy new year!

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Any visitor the the churches of Suffolk, Norfolk, or many other counties may have come across carvings of “The Hairy Wild Man”. They are often found on fonts, around doors or even carved in the misericords. These club wielding figures are known as Woodwoses.

Research frequently gives their origins to folk myths from India or older Celtic myths, linking them to the wild men of the woods, Jacks in the Green and The Green Man.
The Woodwose appears frequently in literature such as Geoffrey of Monmouth’s, “Life of Merlin”.
I’m guessing their true origins will never be known, but the Saxons had a word for them “wuduwasa”, so their origins may be far older and rooted way way back in Britain’s mysterious past.