Bag of 33 Divination Runes


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Runes have been used for divination as well as an alphabet since very early times.
They were mainly used by the Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Denmark and can be found all over the Viking world.
Runes tend to have several layers of meaning alongside a letter of an alphabet.
The word rune means whisper or secret and several runes were used as a protective device to ward off evil!
Their straight-line composition made it ideal for scratching onto rocks.
Our bag of runes consists of 33 runes on wood, a hessian storage bag, and an Identification chart.
Each rune is around 3cm in diameter and the Hessian sack is around 14x18cm in size.


Rune Size: 3cm in diameter.
No. of runes 33
Size of Rune bag: 14x18cm
Weight of runes and bag: 198gms


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