Sweyn Forkbeard Lewis Inspired Chess Piece.


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Inspired by the Isle of Lewis chess pieces.
The history bonkers team decided to create a chess piece that never existed but should have!
This is Sweyn Forkbeard. He was King of England, Denmark, and Norway.

Sweyn (or Sveinn) was born around 960.
At some point in his life, he exiled his father Harold Bluetooth, and seized the throne of Denmark.
After his sister was killed in the St Brices day massacre in England, Sweyn became a raiding Viking and repeatedly attacked parts of England as an act of revenge.
Around the year 1014, he took the throne of England.
Shortly afterward he died. Saxon sources say he was killed by the spirit of Saint Edmund armed with a ghostly spear ( Saint Edmund was killed by Ivar the Boneless and Ubba Lothbrock).
Other sources say he fell off his horse! His Son Cnut became King of England.

Queen Elizabeth II is distantly descended from Mr Forkbeard!

Made to be more of an ornament rather than an actual playing piece.
Hand-made item. Resin cast then hand finished. Matt finish.
Around 10cm tall or a little over 4″.
Sweyn can clearly be seen with his distinctive shield, axe, and sword.

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