The Harby Shield Maiden : Inspired By The Lewis Chess Pieces


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Our shield maiden figure was inspired by an archaeological find from Harby in Denmark.
The figure (who has become known as Pammy the Pawn) has been interpreted as a Viking warrior or perhaps one of the Valkrie.
She is depicted as having long hair with a sword and shield.
She is a little smaller than most of our fantasy chess pieces as she will eventually take the place on the chess board as a pawn.
Our figure has been created in the style of the Lewis chess pieces, which were discovered by chance on the Isle of Lewis in 1831. They are believed to date back to the 12 Century.
There is a certain amount of evidence to suggest they were made by “Margaret the Adroit” who is mentioned in the Icelandic sagas.

 We hope our piece captures both history and myth.

The Harby Shield Maiden figure is cast from a hand-poured poly resin.
The original was carved by Nick Hunter an international woodcarver and sculptor. 
All of our figures are handmade and finished.


Pammy the Pawn is around 7.2cm tall and at the widest point on the base, she is 2.4cm wide
She weighs in at 50gms.

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